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Treating Depression And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

Knowing why you turned to alcohol or drugs can be just as important as treating the dependency. Depression is one of the most common underlying causes. If you've already completed detox but require additional treatment, Evolve is available for you. Our services will examine your depression and alcohol or drug use disorders together. Reach out to us at 571-556-7609 at any time if you are struggling with depression and addiction near Washington, D.C..

We Understand The Link Between Depression And Substance Use

Depression is challenging to identify, much less deal with. Individuals who are suffering sometimes turn to mind-altering substances to deal with depression symptoms. Medicating yourself with drugs or alcohol can result in a vicious substance use/depression spiral.

The joyful effect of drugs and alcohol might provide short-lived relief from depression. However, when those substances wear off, depression's negative emotions may increase. There’s an unending loop like a broken record where you use and then feel bad, continuously. As your tolerance rises, you may need more alcohol or drugs to recapture the feelings of euphoria. Soon dependency develops, and substance use and depression may become life-threatening.

The Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax specialists understand how easy it is to get ensnared in the addiction/depression spiral. We also realize that it isn't a pattern you can end by yourself. When you want support from skilled clinicians, contact us at 571-556-7609. We're standing by to help you, 24/7.

How Evolve Treats Depression And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

Professional support can end the endless cycle of self-administering with habit-forming substances. Our modern inpatient rehab center gives you a safe, comfortable setting away from drug and alcohol use triggers until you’re strong enough to go back home.

At Evolve, you'll receive round-the-clock medical and emotional support for substance use and depression. Our practitioners are well versed in the physical and cognitive effects of withdrawal. We utilize proven methods for dealing with continual withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We aim to maintain your comfort so you can progress toward permanent sobriety.

We'll also help you acquire the tools you need to recover. If you struggle with depression and addiction in Washington, D.C., you need care that addresses both issues. Evolve treats mental health and substance use disorders with evidence-based techniques led by licensed practitioners. In our care, you'll attend individual and group therapy discussions every day to:

  • Increase your knowledge of depression and substance use
  • Investigate past trauma that caused your addiction and depression
  • Uncover detrimental thought processes and habits that trigger substance use and depression
  • Practice beneficial coping skills
  • Work on skills needed for communicating and relationship building

By understanding the underlying factors behind your substance use and depression, you’ll be able to navigate difficult feelings and see how to keep your depression and addiction under control. While there is no “cure” for these conditions, the practitioners at Evolve can help you understand how to deal with them so you may lead a happier life and stop using harmful substances once and for all.

Why Choose Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax For Treatment?

If you are searching for someone to help you stop the pattern of depression and substance use, Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax is ready for you. We believe you deserve an exceptional level of care and intend to supply that as long as you stay with us. In addition to scientifically supported treatment administered by expert clinicians, at Evolve, you'll get:

  • Individualized care tailored to your specific needs
  • A cozy bedroom with your own bath
  • Balanced, delicious chef-prepared meals, beverages, and snacks
  • Positive downtime activities
  • Time to relax and recuperate
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy
  • Support for insurance and billing questions
  • Respectful care from compassionate professionals
  • Aftercare planning before your discharge

If you have questions about our services or intake process, call 571-556-7609 today to find the guidance you need. We want you to get the proper treatment for your substance use and depression and are here whenever you’re prepared to begin.

Request Assistance For Depression And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

You are entitled to support for both addiction and depression. Place a call to Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax at 571-556-7609 or fill out the form on this page. A helpful team member will reply promptly, no matter the time or day. We'll give you more info about our care and help you receive the assistance you need. We're here to help you right now.