Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax will be open for services in 2024.
Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fairfax

Insurance Information And Costs For Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax

Evolve Fairfax is committed to serving as many patients as we can with affordable substance use rehab. Our goal is for you to receive addiction support whenever you need it. Please keep reading to find out more about the cost of rehab and find the current insurance information for Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax. And if you’re unable to locate what you need to know on this page, you are welcome to reach out to us at 571-556-7609. We’re standing by to lend a hand! 

How Much Does Alcohol Or Drug Rehab Cost Near Washington, D.C.?

Every rehab provider handles pricing differently. Your Evolve costs near Washington, D.C. will depend on things like

  • What kind of care you are given
  • Whether you are covered or not
  • The cost your insurance provider will cover
  • In instances of self-pay: how long you are here at Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax.

When you inquire about getting admitted to Evolve Fairfax, our experienced staff will record your insurance information and outline how we will calculate the cost of your rehabilitation. After talking with your insurer, we can give you an estimate of how much rehab will cost out of pocket. During your time at our inpatient facility, we'll notify you if there are additional charges to your care and can talk about concerns about payment options.

Is My Drug Or Alcohol Rehab Covered By Insurance In Washington, D.C.? 

Evolve Recovery Center works with the majority of commercial insurance plans. We presently do not approve Medicaid. Please call 571-556-7609 to talk about Medicare options. 

Your personal coverage will dictate how much you will need to contribute personally. Our team members have extensive experience maneuvering insurance policies and collaborating with providers to pay for as much of your treatment as feasible. We'll communicate with your insurance company to make certain you obtain the total benefits of your plan and inform you what deductibles or unpaid costs you are accountable for. We will also assist with the documents for other applications like short-term disability and FMLA.

If your policy doesn’t pay for rehab at Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax, we will discuss our affordable self-pay possibility. You deserve expert addiction support, and we are pleased to answer all of your concerns about insurance and Evolve Fairfax costs at Washington, D.C.. 

Insurers We Welcome

We are happy to accommodate as many health insurance companies as we can to best serve those in our care. Below you’ll see just some of the major in-network providers we partner with. To see if we can use your insurance policy, call us at 571-556-7609

Can I Attend Rehab If I’m Uninsured?  

In the event you are without insurance at this time, we still want you to enter rehab. When you reach out to us about getting admitted, an admissions representative will inform you of our present self-pay rate and detail your payment options. We want to assist you in getting the treatment you need and will work with you to figure out a method to pay for rehab. If Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax isn’t the right fit for you due to self-pay or insurance reasons, we can help you find another center that is able to accommodate you. 

Obtain Treatment For Drug Or Alcohol Addiction Now

If you or someone close to you needs rehab for an alcohol or drug addiction, call or submit the form on this page today. One of our team members will respond promptly to find you the assistance you seek while we wait for our doors to open. We answer night or day, all year long. We are here for you now.