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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Family Counseling In Washington, D.C.

You’ll have a greater chance of a successful alcohol or drug rehab when those who care about you are included in the undertaking. This is why Evolve Recovery Center encourages members of the family to participate in your therapy as much as possible. Our drug and alcohol rehab family counseling in Washington, D.C. helps you obtain another level of support and rebuilds relationships that were impacted by substance use.

How Do Substance Use Disorders Impact Families?

Alcohol and drug use disorders affect those who care about you. Frequently, your behavior when consuming alcohol or drugs can shape crucial things like interpersonal relationships. If a loved one is battling addiction, members of the family could experience:

  • Missing out on doing things as a family
  • Shame and embarrassment
  • Trepidation
  • A withdraw from society
  • Distrust
  • Marital conflict and divorce
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses
  • Financial hardship
  • Abuse or neglect

What To Know About Evolve’s Drug Rehab Family Counseling In Washington, D.C.

While you’re recovering at Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax, you’ll engage in at least one session of drug rehab family counseling in which you and your loved ones will work on how to reconnect and repair relationships. Together, all participants will discover how to communicate better, define and respect boundaries, and cope with the stress of overcoming drug use.

Directed by your clinician, everyone involved has the chance to confront the mix of emotions relating to substance use. Those who care about you will find ways to aid you through your recovery while establishing sensible limitations within your relationships. Meanwhile, you’ll work on being accountable and learn new skills for advancing in life without damaging substances. We’ll also make certain that all involved are in agreement on and an active participant in your aftercare plan.

Key Considerations Of Evolve’s Alcohol Rehab Family Counseling In Washington, D.C.

Witnessing someone you care about go through rehab from an alcohol use disorder can be distressing. Evolve works hard to assist both those we care for and their family members with alcohol rehab family counseling in Washington, D.C.. When you’re here, you’ll go to no less than one therapy session with your family and an experienced family therapist.

We aim to help you and those close to you learn to assist each other and get better together as you fight alcohol use disorder. Under your therapist’s instruction, you’ll come to grips with unpleasant emotions, like hopelessness, anger, or shame, that both you and your loved ones could be experiencing. In this process, you have the chance to work on bettering family relationships and lessening the traumatic experiences and triggers that lead to alcohol use.

Our purpose is to teach you and your family how to interact and manage the stress of addiction recovery in healthy ways. You’ll all learn how to create and respect boundaries around alcohol use and prevent succumbing to codependent relationship patterns. You’ll discuss sober living skills and holding yourself accountable. We’ll even incorporate your family in planning for aftercare and teach them how to help you throughout your addiction treatment.

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