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Treating Anxiety And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

Substance use disorders and anxiety disorders frequently occur together. If you’re using addictive alcohol or drugs to deal with anxiety, Evolve will help. Call us at 571-556-7609, and ask about our rehab program for anxiety and addiction near Washington, D.C.. We supply skilled mental health and medical care to help you handle your substance use, anxiety, and prevent relapse. 

We Can Help You Halt The Anxiety-Substance Use Spiral

Anxiety disorders are troubling and disruptive to your life. Alcohol and drugs might temporarily push away those emotions of anxiety. Even so, taking a drug to manage symptoms can send you into the addiction-anxiety spiral.

This pattern of using habit-forming substances to reduce anxiety works for a while but is not sustainable. At the beginning, the euphoric effects help diminish emotions of apprehension and strain. But, anxiety increases as the preliminary effects fade. You keep taking alcohol or drugs to recapture those ecstatic feelings but only feel worse afterward. As your body develops a tolerance to whatever you’re using, you need more to experience that initial result. After a while, addiction emerges.

Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax understands the link between anxiety and substance use. We are prepared to help you end this harmful cycle with specialized support for anxiety and addiction in Washington, D.C.. We'll help you gain an understanding of your anxiety to recover from substance use better. Under our direction, you'll get addiction and mental health treatment to help you build the strength needed to conquer your addiction and progress despite your anxiety. Dial 571-556-7609 today -- we are here for you. 

How We Treat Anxiety And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

It may feel impossible to end the anxiety-substance use spiral, but you don’t have to do it on your own. You are entitled to competent support to manage your anxiety and substance use. Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax handles the residual effects of drug withdrawal and can detect co-occurring mental disorders at our rehab facility. We'll provide medication and strategies to maintain sobriety. At the same time, you start building skills for living with anxiety to help you stay away from relapse. We accomplish this by offering you: 

  • A safe, substance-free setting
  • A well-planned routine
  • Enough time for relaxation and positive recreation 
  • Different kinds of therapy adapted to your situation
  • Qualified medical support for cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • 24-hour emotional assistance  

Therapy for addiction and co-occurring disorders is a key element of your treatment at Evolve. You'll address your mental health one-on-one with a licensed therapist in individual therapy. In group therapy, a professional will guide you and other residents to share about anxiety and substance use. In these meetings, you'll work on: 

  • Learning about the connection between anxiety and addiction
  • Healing from trauma from your past that contributed to your addiction and anxiety
  • Identifying destructive ways of thinking and triggers of substance use and anxiety
  • Using worthwhile coping skills
  • Learning good skills for relationship building and communicating 

Individual and group therapy sessions aren’t our sole tool for addressing your mental health. You could also be provided an anxiety medication or receive help adjusting your dose. Consuming medication as advised will help you reestablish a feeling of stability and resist taking habit-forming substances during rehabilitation and in the days ahead.

Why Go To Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax For Rehab?

Rehab is a vital step in your journey to a substance-free life, and we take it seriously at Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax. We work hard to offer the highest quality of care for the greatest chance of long-term recovery. When you come to us, you'll benefit from: 

  • Personalized therapy based on your own care plan
  • Evidence-based techniques and medical support
  • Compassion and respect from staff
  • Absolute patient privacy and discretion
  • Aftercare counseling for support once you move on
  • A relaxing room with included bath
  • Patient lounge and entertaining activities
  • Nutritious chef-cooked meals
  • Guidance for all your billing and insurance questions 

If Evolve seems to be the ideal place for you, call us at 571-556-7609 today to get more information about our treatment for anxiety and addiction near Washington, D.C.. We are pleased to help you take the next step toward a happier, more fulfilling life. 

We’ll Help You With Anxiety And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

Receive a superior level of care at Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax when struggling with anxiety and substance use. Call us at 571-556-7609 or fill out the contact form on this page for assistance. We always respond immediately, at all hours, each day of the year. We are ready to speak with you now.