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Codeine Rehab near Washington, D.C.

Doctors may prescribe Codeine for a short period of time to treat lower levels of pain or a consistent cough. In spite of that, this opioid may be addictive and disrupt your daily life. If you’re having trouble dealing with your codeine addiction, know that help is available through Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax.

Evolve’s codeine rehab in Washington, D.C. utilizes a custom-designed treatment strategy while caring for you in a safe, supervised environment. We’ll help you cultivate the skills needed so you can move forward in life without substance use.

How Do You Know If You Need Codeine Rehab In Washington, D.C.?

Although frequently prescribed and easy to find as a pain pill and cough inhibitor, codeine is still a potentially harmful opiate that can cause addiction. Detox is often your initial step, but you could also need inpatient therapy for a long-term recovery. You may gain from codeine rehab in Washington, D.C. if you experience:

  • Compulsions to continue using codeine in your daily life
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as consistent stomach cramps, loss of appetite, or trouble sleeping
  • Trouble coping in certain situations without codeine use
  • A need to increase your dose of codeine to achieve the same effects
  • Mental health difficulties, like anxiety or depression, as a result of codeine use
  • An ongoing fear of relapsing

Evolve’s residential facility provides a safe, inviting space to progress in your recovery. And If you still need to detox, our partner facility, Sunrise Detox Washington, D.C., will be glad to assist.

Steps You Should Take To Prepare Yourself For Codeine Addiction Rehab near Washington, D.C.

If you’ve determined that you should get started with codeine addiction rehab near Washington, D.C., you’ve already finished one of the hardest aspects of recovery. You now just need to handle a few more items before arriving at our facility, like:

  1. Make arrangements for leave from your job. Our staff works with organizations regularly to make certain that leave or FLMA is properly scheduled. We’re glad to discuss leave with your company’s HR department and help with all the required filing of paperwork.
  2. Consider childcare and family commitments. Make sure your kids, pets, and other loved ones are taken care of. Keep in mind, you can bring an emotional support animal (with the right paperwork) to Evolve to assist with your recovery.
  3. Plan for comfort and pack the right shoes and clothing. You’ll also need personal care items to last around 10 days. In the event you fail to remember something, we’re here to help! You also have access to laundry facilities while you’re here.
  4. Schedule a ride or reach out to us to take advantage of our around-the-clock transportation service.

How Long Will Codeine Rehab Take?

Patient-centric support is the foremost consideration at Evolve. Taking that into account, the duration of your stay will depend on your particular set of circumstances. Our addiction professionals will propose a timeframe following a thorough assessment that considers:

  • The extent of your codeine use and your physical health
  • How many times you’ve entered rehab
  • State of your mental health, including co-occurring disorders
  • Your response to treatment

On average, you can plan on being here from two to four weeks -- but note that longer programs up to 90 days are common.

What To Expect From Codeine Rehab

Our codeine rehab in Washington, D.C. revolves around an individualized plan to address your unique situation. Our specialized clinicians assist you with evidence-based treatments and the development of effective coping skills. You’ll gain from:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Aftercare planning and goal setting
  • Peer support
  • Staff on premises around-the-clock
  • Medication-assisted treatment as required using Suboxone

We understand you have a greater chance of conquering addiction when you’re at ease in a comfortable setting. This is why we offer:

  • Nicely furnished bedrooms with accompanying bathrooms
  • Relaxing lounge areas
  • Healthy meals and access to snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Recreational outings, gym access, and time to relax between treatments

Ways We Ensure Your Safety During Codeine Rehab in Washington, D.C.

Protecting you from harm is a driving force behind our codeine rehab in Washington, D.C.. Detox is a proper first step to rid the substance from your body, but the process doesn’t stop once detox is done. We keep you safe and centered on your rehab with:

  • A structured setting away from forces that trigger codeine use
  • Availability of certified medical experts 24/7
  • Custom-tailored therapy that addresses your specific needs
  • A priority on developing powerful coping behaviors
  • Keeping strict patient privacy guidelines
  • Planning for ongoing outpatient support

If you’re prepared to move forward in your journey to sobriety, we can suggest the right outpatient center for your ongoing recovery.

Request Help For Codeine Use Today

If you're ready to tackle codeine addiction, Evolve Washington, D.C. is prepared to help. Give us a call at 571-556-7609 or fill out the form here. We're on standby, ready to respond swiftly any time of day, all year round.

Though our new drug and alcohol center in Fairfax is currently being built and planned to open in 2024, we won't let that pause your journey to recovery. We'll assist by referring you to a nearby rehab center or adding you to our Fairfax facility's waiting list. Don't delay - help is available for you today.