Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax will be open for services in 2024.
Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fairfax

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Amenities For Washington, D.C.

We hold the belief that you deserve a comfortable place to reside in when undergoing drug and alcohol recovery. This is why we planned our inpatient facility with spots to relax and share time with other individuals. From your nicely furnished bedroom with connected bath to beautiful natural surroundings where you can relax in the sunlight, Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax strives for you to feel welcome.

Receive Care In A Peaceful Environment

In order to realize the most benefit from your rehabilitation, we wish for you to feel relaxed in a cozy and hospitable atmosphere at Evolve. You’ll discover comfy chairs and calming interior design to impart a relaxing and updated feel. Our kind personnel are always ready to answer questions and make certain you are doing fine. We want Evolve to feel like a safe haven as you receive your addiction treatment.

Relax In Your Comfortable Bedroom

We know recovery can be difficult, so we try to give you ample downtime between treatments and at night. You’re welcome to hang out in your comfortably furnished bedroom whenever you require some peace and quiet between sessions. You’ll have a soft bed with clean sheets every day, a television, and a personal restroom.

The bulk of our bedrooms are designed for two individuals.

Keep Up With Work In A Private Room

We also have a handful of personal bedrooms for an extra charge. Our private lodging is great for professionals who need use of their laptop or smartphone while undergoing rehab. Private rooms also have their own bathroom and television with streaming providers like Disney+ and HBO Max.

Eat Healthy And Tasty Food

Nourishing foods are a large aspect of recovery. At Evolve, you’ll have three satisfying meals each day prepared in-house by our chef and served in our communal dining room. We provide nicely prepared, nutritious food to help you remain strong. We also employ a nutritionist to help us make accommodations for specific dietary limitations and diets. Between meals, you’ll be given access to snacks and beverages like tea and coffee whenever you like. We even have vending machines for when you want something like your preferred candy or snack.

Stay Physically Active In Our Gym

Working out complements the recovery work you’ll do in our care. Take advantage of our nicely equipped gym to sustain your normal routine or develop a new commitment to exercising. You’ll discover equipment for weightlifting, cardio, yoga, and more to keep your body and mind healthy. The gym is available all day, so you can fit a workout into your busy schedule.

Take A Break And Socialize In Our Recreational Areas

Rehab at Evolve isn't just going to therapy. We incorporate plenty of recreational activities among our drug and alcohol rehab center amenities for Washington, D.C.. These positive opportunities help you socialize with fellow residents and take your mind off things when you aren't in treatment sessions. During your free time, we welcome you to:

  • Watch TV in our soothing lounge
  • Play cards and board games
  • Entertain yourself with a video game on the latest console
  • Take part in resident activities like movie nights
  • Hang out on the exterior patio
  • Enjoy a smoke break in approved outdoor locations

Gain More From Addiction Treatment With Our Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center Amenities Washington, D.C.

We firmly believe that our patients see better results in a relaxing environment. While our new Fairfax facility, known for its serene environment, is not due to open until 2024, you don't have to wait to begin exploring recovery options. If you or a member of your family are prepared to discover what's different about getting help at Evolve Recovery Center Fairfax, you can reach out now by calling 571-556-7609 or filling out the form below.

Upon reaching out, one of our dedicated staff members will answer immediately to discuss your needs and find out if rehab is the right path for you. If immediate treatment is necessary, we can recommend a reputable local rehab facility in line with our standard of care. Alternatively, we also offer the option to place you or your loved one on a waiting list for when our Fairfax facility opens its doors in 2024.
Rest assured, we are here to support you around the clock, every day, without exception. Your journey to recovery is our priority, today and always.